M.a.c: Know the Evolution of Beauty Products & the Role of M.a.c

Established circa 1985, the Canadian superbrand M.A.C has been moulding trends and conversations in the beauty industry thus far. This undeniable monopoly is attributed to the cosmetic brand’s superior formulations and a penchant for constant reinvention – campaigns and collaborations that have always struck a chord with the audiences. Today, we take a closer look at M.A.C’s journey from makeup art cosmetics to one of the most sought-after beauty brands in the world.

Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan are the visionaries behind the (now mammoth) MAC cosmetics operations. Angelo, with his innate business acumen, had established a series of salons by ‘69 in Toronto. Around the same time, Frank Toskan worked as a MUA and photographer – often struggling due to the lack of proper equipment/cosmetics for editorial shoots. Their paths crossed, soon after which these two namesakes started brewing cosmetics in one of the salon’s kitchens for shoots. Little did they know their brainchild would change the landscape of beauty forever.

  • The Iconic Pink Lipstick 

M.A.C’s first innovation was a pink lippy inspired by a bold pink crayon called Flamingo. The up-and-coming enterprise’s creative director, Frank Toskan, claimed that it was the first-ever formulation that translated exactly onto the lips as it appeared in the bottle. And just like that, 23 different and diverse shades were added to the pink – catapulting M.A.C to enormous success. So much so, that even before the brand’s first brick-and-mortar came into existence, M.A.C had found a lot of takers! Around the world.

  • Harbouring A Beauty Community

The first M.A.C Pro Store was established in 1982 in Toronto and soon flourished into a haven for makeup artists. Freelancing creatives shared tips and portfolios and hoarded M.A.C products for their clientele. But with the rage of MAC cosmetics amplifying across demographics, Angelo and Toskan knew that a public retail store was the next inevitable step. And so, with the aid of a dream team, this dynamic duo launched their second store in New York’s West Village. A fresh take on beauty – ungendered and unabashed, this establishment soon became a hub for drag queens, makeup fiends, and more.

  • Diversity for The Win 

M.A.C slowly emerged as the pioneer in diversifying beauty – an aspect which translated across the board in the brand’s superior formulations and recruitment process. Candidates were hired from different genders, with M.A.C shelling the big bucks for every individual’s training and education. 

  • The Products Speak for Themselves 

Unlike the brand’s counterparts, M.A.C did not rely on conventional marketing strategies to boost sales. M.A.C counter (all these years) on the superior, catering-to-all formulations to do all the talking – the reason why the brand became popular with 9-to-5 audiences and pop icons of the time alike. The creative team lead by Toskan and Angelo , knew that M.A.C’s packaging should exude an elegance and opulence that made them stand out in an avalanche of stage offerings – opting for black containers for their coveted range at the time.

  • Philanthropic Endeavours 

In circa 1994, MAC launched its ambitious VIVA GLAM campaign with RuPAL donning the brand’s new burgundy lipstick. 100% of the sales made by the VIVA GLAM lippy went to the M.A.C AIDS Fund, an attempt by the founders to give back to society. Toskan and Angelo saw a lot of their closest friends and well-wishers being afflicted by this disease and finally succumbing to it. The fund (still up and running) was a homage to the spirit of these people who rose to every challenge that came their way.

  • Brand Value

 After all these years, M.A.C. stands tall and proud in an overflowing beauty industry. The brand is available in a total of 105 countries with 500 independent stores. The marque brand employs 10000+ individuals and clocks in an annual turnover of +1 billion dollars (reportedly). 


Established by Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan in 1982, MAC Cosmetics has gone from strength to strength – due to its penchant for innovation, unique brand ethos, and top-notch offerings. The brand’s first operation began in a salon’s kitchen owned by co-founder Angelo to help formulate cosmetics for editorial shoots. The first product to see the light of day was a Pink Lippy, inspired by a bold pink crayon – which translated with the same intensity or opacity on the pucker as it appeared in the bottle. From there, M.A.C was unstoppable, garnering fans across the world, way before the establishment of its first brick-and-mortar store. M.A.C has transformed the face of beauty by rallying for inclusion and acceptance through its collaborations, campaigns and charitable endeavors. As of today, the marque brand has 500 independent stores in a whopping 105 countries. To experience the allure of MAC cosmetics, you buy MAC cosmetics products through their convenient online platform or visit one of their numerous brick-and-mortar stores.

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