Life-Threatening Hazards of Bard PowerPort: When to Contact a Lawyer?

The objective of every medical device is to improve health and contribute to better patient outcomes. However, there are instances of such devices failing to live up to their purpose. The Bard PowerPort Catheter is one such device that, though popular, has been receiving backlash from patients for several complications.

This device plays an important role in facilitating intravenous treatments for patients who need them. This medical device gets implanted underneath the skin of a person to offer consistent access points for intravenous medications.

After opting for it, patients reported health hazards and challenges which led to investigations and lawsuits. In this article, we will look into the dark side of this device, and mention injuries and complications caused by it.

Complications Linked with Bard PowerPort

Whenever patients file a lawsuit against a medical device or drug, it goes on to say that they have undergone massive suffering with this. When it comes to the Bard PowerPort, patients need to be wary of the circumstances that they might face. Some complications that you might face include:

Device Fracture

When this device breaks inside a patient’s body, it can result in major complications. Some of the fatal ones are organ damage, hemorrhage, embolisms, and in certain cases, death of a patient.

One instance of catheter fracture and its dangers can be understood by knowing what happened to Crystal Sussen, a woman from Illinois. She had filed for a product liability lawsuit after dealing with issues with this device that was implanted in her body to facilitate her cancer treatment.

According to the report shared on, her ordeal started when the Bard PowerPort fractured within 6 months of implantation. As a result, device fragments were spread into her heart and bloodstream, which led to major injuries.

Even though the device was replaced, it proved to be non-functional. Hence, she had to get it removed by undergoing surgery. What remained consistent amidst all this were life-threatening challenges linked to Bard PowerPort device fractures. Today, many women like Sussen have filed a lawsuit, hoping that their Bard Power Port lawsuit settlement amount will cover the damage they have endured.

Catheter Migration

A major concern linked to catheter migration is that it leads to limited blood flow. When the device migrates to a place that ends up obstructing a blood vessel, it can minimize the blood supply in the affected area. As a result, there can be organ dysfunction and tissue damage.

Another hazard with this complication is that medication delivery gets disrupted. Typically, catheters are used for administering medications directly inside the bloodstream or even draining fluids from the body. When a catheter migrates from its desired position, it might not perform effectively.

Catheter migration can lead to noticeable symptoms, such as:

  • Blood clots
  • Hemothorax
  • Pulmonary pseudoaneurysm
  • Hematoma
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Heart attack
  • Pericardial tamponade

Patients must know about all these potential risks and report to their healthcare provider any changes that they notice before things get out of hand.


Based on a report by ConsumerSafety, Bard PowerPort implants carry the possibility of infection. Most patients in their lawsuit claim that the manufacturer didn’t share about the heightened risk of infections associated with this device. Some infections occurred much later than expected. It highlights flaws in the design that lead to bacterial growth months after implantation.

Some infection symptoms include swelling, fever, inflammation, chills, and changes in one’s urine odor and color. No one can underestimate the severity of an infection, as it can result in sepsis.

That aside, Bard PowerPort infections can bring about challenges in patient care. It can delay essential treatments required to treat the initial diagnoses, like cancer.

Is It Possible to Prevent These Complications?

It is possible to prevent Bard PowerPort complications by knowing about probable hazards and contacting your doctor about them. It’s always beneficial to know about catheter device recalls and learn if the model you are using was recalled or not.

A few ways in which Bard PowerPort complications can be prevented are:

  • Ask your doctor or nurse about the status of the device at the time of treatment.
  • Recognize infection signs, like inflammation and fever, and respond as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that a catheter device is clean by adhering to the guidelines mentioned by the provider.
  • Contact your doctor when you experience any redness or pain at the catheter implantation site.

If you have faced any of these complications and injuries due to catheter implantation, you are eligible to file a lawsuit. However, it is always best to follow the legal path under the guidance of a lawyer, as they can help you receive the compensation you deserve and keep you away from any legal hassles.

Furthermore, your lawyer will also let you know about the average payout so that you can keep your expectations real. TorHoerman Law states that settlement amounts range between $10,000 and $100,000 based on the entire litigation process. This is not an exact projection of the financial compensation. A lot depends on the damages and circumstances that a patient has witnessed.

Wrapping up, there have been various instances of medical devices causing more harm than benefit. Even though the Bard Power Port has been manufactured to facilitate intravenous treatment, its design flaw has made it undergo several complications that have cost the lives of patients.

If you have had similar experiences, it is necessary to seek medical attention. Later, you can use medical documents and other essential proof to file a lawsuit and seek both justice and fair compensation.

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