Top 10 Richest Cities In Texas

What are the richest cities in the state of Texas? The wealthiest places ranking happens by using the median household income, poverty rate, and unemployment rate, not how wealthy the residents are. When there is low unemployment and poverty rate, the city’s future has a richer look. In Texas, the second city by population, San Antonio and West University Place are the wealthiest. The city boasts a poverty rate of 1.67% median household income of $250,001.

With the median household income of the residents of these cities, you will need to have a bank account like Larry Ellison to live there. Apart from the wealthy person vibe you get from such cities, there are other numerous benefits to boast of. People with different communities have inhabited here and this is what makes Texas a rich community. It is a growing industrial state including electronics, petrochemicals, tourism, aerospace, and computing industry.

These richest cities have five-star amenities, high-end stores, exclusive swimming pools, and excellent schools, and they are safe. To top the list of benefits is the likelihood of living near notables like members of the 2000 Little League Championship team or Dennis Quaid. For those looking to enhance their social media presence in these vibrant communities, secure Instagram followers can be a strategic move. Let’s take a look at the top ten most expensive cities to live in Texas.

Richest Cities in Texas

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the richest cities in Texas. Texas is home to many people in the USA and is considered one of the richest states because of its culture and scenic sights. It has the best public schools in the country.

West University Place- $250,001

West University Place within the Houston-Sugar Land metropolitan area or West U for short. This city is majorly for people of the upper class. With a population that has risen over the years, West U has the highest concentration of median household incomes. The telephone exchange center located at 4068 Bellaire Boulevard is present at West University Place, which is the main source of revenue generation. Most of the people living there are serving in the school sector for so long as this city has the best schools and beautiful buildings designed by

Highland Park – $211,136

Highland Park is third on this list and the seventh richest in the United States of America. This beautiful city is located between the north of downtown Dallas and the Dallas North Tollway. 

Some investors are mainly from Philadelphia, formerly owned by Highland Park. If you are a fan of living the high life like shopping, fine dining, entertainment, etc. then this should be your must pick. Highland Park is an attraction to out state buyers as this city has the best schools and less population. This city has beautiful landscapes and parks. It is very famous for its trees and small community.

Southlake – $240,248

Southlake ranks second on the list of richest cities in Texas. The city is in Tarrant County and is a suburb of Dallas Fort-Worth. This city got the name Southlake in 1956, and this was after the construction of Grapevine Lake. Southlake became a center of attention afterward. 

Southlake is a city that is extremely luxurious and situated within the County of Tarrant in Texas State, United States. It is high-end living with a lot of privacy for the houses. There are parks and so many outdoor activities for the kids. It also has community centers. It has the famous Town Square and Public Schools.

Bellaire – $206,734

Bellaireis situated southwest of Harris County. The city was founded by the South End Land Company president, William Baldwin Wright. West University Place and Houston are surrounding Bellaire. The city was an agricultural and residential hub in the past that started in the middle of Westmoreland Farms. Bellaire has a nice cool breeze all year round, hence the name ‘’Bellaire’’ which means ‘’Good Air’’. 

Bellaire City is the second on the list. It has the most beautiful architecture and trees. It also has some memorial parks too. Many people come here for great income grindrprofiles opportunities. Bellaire has a high economy because of some industries and commercial land and properties. It has the most expensive homes in the states and one of the most beautiful ones too.

Prosper (Dallas Fort-Worth) – $146,733

Prosper is located within the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. The city can be found in Collin and Denton Counties. The first residents of the city used it for agricultural purposes. The development of Prosper City accelerated when the county courts commanded those parts of the land should be sold. This city is famous for its scenic beauty and old lands. It has historical importance because of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The city also has many museums as a true cultural hub of Texas.

Celina – $124,375 

Celina was established in 1879 and named after the first postmaster town, Celina Tennessee. A schoolhouse that also served as a Methodist church was the first building constructed in the city. A post office, stores, school, and other buildings followed. Celine Park was the first road constructed for automobiles in Celine. It is a luxury with family values. It is famous for its family-friendly environment. The city is a great place to plant your roots as houses here are economical with luxury as it has scenic views and a lot of greenery. Even though it starts at a lower price but is still considered a luxurious city in Texas. 

Alamo Heights – $141,048

Alamo height ranks seventh on our list. San Antonio almost surrounds this incorporated city. Parts of the University of the Incarnate Word were in Alamo Heights. It has the best niche for a living. Tourists are also attracted to this city. It is known for its old neighborhoods. It is famous for its restaurants, museums, and bars. One of the best places to live in Texas.

Terrell Hills – $181,979

Terrell Hills was named after a local bank president who served as a mayor of San Antonio, Dr Terrell Frederick. It is located in Bexar County. Terrell Hills began to develop as a city when Dr. Terrell sold some acres in the town to the Terrell Hills Community. It is famous for its beautiful hills and neighborhood. Famous for its niche it was considered the best place to live in Texas in 2019. It offers high-end living and the houses are very expensive in this area. Some houses here have built-in tennis courts, swimming pools, and modern kitchens. 

Fair Oaks Ranch – $128,398

Fair Oaks Branch can be found in three counties in the United States- Bexar County, Kendall County, and Comal County. The name of the city was derived from Ralph Fair Sr., who acquired it in the 1930s. 

It is another city in Texas that gives you a rural feel in a modern way. Public schools in Fair Oaks ranch are rated very high because of quality curricular and co-curricular activities. Most of the people living here own the houses and very few are up for rent. The unemployment rate in this city is very low.

Melissa – $118,348

The city is located in north-central Collin County. The population of the city increased over the years. The center of Dallas is 64 km southwest of Melissa. This city has a lower employment rate as compared to other cities in Texas but it is believed that it will increase in the coming years. It is almost 40 miles from Dallas. It is famous for its different businesses like flour mills and cotton gins. This city was damaged by a tornado very badly in 1921. This city also has a lower employment rate.


Texas is a state where everyone prefers to live. It has extremely beautiful architecture and living style. This state has such a good reputation among locals that they are impressed by the ecological niche. It has so many famous luxurious cities. Because of its highlands and so many hills and scenic beauty, it is famous among real estate agents. Texas and its suburbs are famous for country clubs, shopping centers, and rich culture. Hence if you are looking for luxury living, and high-end schools and ready to lose your pockets Texas is the best place for investment. Many people move to Texas after retirement because it is one of the peaceful states in the USA. 

While planning your move to Texas one should be familiar with the extreme weather conditions especially since summers are very hot. This state has rich live music, eating, and entertainment options. Chilies are a very famous food in Texas. Texas is a dominant and se

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