The Ultimate Debate: Unstitched vs Ready-to-Wear

You enter a store filled with clothes – both stitched and crochet moses basket base. Colors and designs everywhere that catch your eye. There are shelves upon shelves of new clothes that you just can’t wait to add to your cart. However, you are torn between two options – unstitched or ready-to-wear?

Today we get into the ultimate debate between the two and you can decide for yourself which one is best for you.

Unstitched Collection

All brands in Pakistan launch their unstitched collections across the seasons. These collections include simple dresses like printed lawn and embroidered pieces for festive wear. The possibilities with unstitched collections are endless. However, we have broken down some pros and cons that come with purchasing unstitched dresses.

·         More Hassle

When you’re choosing an unstitched outfit, you have to go through a hassle of getting it stitched before you can wear the outfit. But the process doesn’t only include picking the outfit and giving it to a tailor. You need to dip the outfit in water (if it is lawn or a similar fabric), wait for it to get dry, select laces and embellishments for it, give it to your tailor, and wait for it to get stitched. If you’re looking for an outfit that you can wear in a day or two, selecting from the unstitched collection might not be ideal.

·         Expensive

While the fabric itself might seem affordable initially, you have to spend on laces and embellishments and also pay the tailor. Getting the edges of the dupattas neat is also a hassle and a cost. So, at the end, unstitched outfits are more expensive than ready-to-wear outfits.

·         Tailored Fit

Unstitched clothes can be customized according to your requirements and preferences. You can choose the design details like sleeve length and neckline, and most importantly, have it tailored to your exact measurements. The final outfit will flatter your body shape and make you feel confident and comfortable.

Ready-to-Wear Collection

Even though unstitched outfits have their drawbacks, ready-to-wear outfits also have some pros and cons.

·         Easy Buy and Wear

Ready-to-wear clothes are all about ease and convenience. They come pre-stitched in standard sizes, allowing you to buy them off the rack and wear them right away. No waiting for tailoring or second-guessing if it will fit.

Many of these outfits come with embellishments and laces that you can’t find in the common market. These embellishments and laces are designed according to the latest trends and styles. Therefore, buying from a ready-to-wear collection means that you have up-to-date pieces in your wardrobe that look quite appealing. This is the key to confidence and grace.

·         Kurta Style – Straight Cuts

Since ready-to-wear outfits are mass-produced in standard sizes, finding the perfect fit can be a challenge. Some might be too baggy or too tight, and alterations might be necessary for a more flattering silhouette.

However, at Alkaram Studio, you will find a range of sizes and cuts – many of which fit better than tailored unstitched outfits. We have often seen Nida Siddiqui – the first female head of commerce wearing ready-to-wear outfits for work and meetings that look great as office wear. However, you can also find a range of formal wear in ready-to-wear collections as well.

Final Words

While both unstitched and ready-to-wear collections have their own pros and cons, it is up to you to decide which one is the best for you. If you have limited time, you could buy from a good brand’s ready-to-wear collection like Alkaram Studio. But if you have time, you can also browse through their unstitched collection which has amazing pieces, fit for every occasion and need.  

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