Promotional Features and Marketing Capabilities in Food Ordering WordPress

There are various approaches you can take when setting up a Food ordering plugin wordpress system on a WordPress website. One method is multisite hosting, which enables you to run multiple websites from a single installation of WordPress while still keeping orders and notifications for each restaurant separate.

One effective solution is to utilize a plugin designed specifically for online ordering and payment capture. Such plugins are flexible enough to meet the unique needs of any e-commerce venture by offering essential e-commerce features.

1. Social media integration

Professional websites are essential to any successful business, and for restaurants looking to attract customers from outside their geographical boundaries, an online ordering and reservation system must also be included in their website. WordPress’s flexible platform and robust customization tools make the integration of an online restaurant menu into an existing site seamless; increasing customer convenience while simultaneously increasing sales and reservations.

Most Food Ordering WordPress themes feature integrated social media features, making it simple to display Instagram photos or Yelp reviews on your site. Furthermore, these plugins enable visitors to share your content through their own accounts on social media – further increasing your restaurant’s online visibility.

As well as social media integration, Food Ordering WordPress themes offer built-in or bundled forms to enable visitors to make reservations or orders directly on your website. These plugins can easily integrate with a payment gateway so customers can pay via credit card or other forms of digital payments.

Implementing a help desk system is another powerful strategy to boost online sales in your restaurant, offering both customers and staff members a chance to connect before and after ordering – increasing customer satisfaction while helping your restaurant provide superior service.

2. Email marketing

WordPress is an open-source platform with a vast developer community supporting it, boasting features designed specifically to accommodate e-commerce websites as well as being highly flexible with various plugins that add additional functionality.

With these plugins, it is simple and cost-effective to transform your website into an online food ordering system, giving your customers access to an ordering platform without the need for expensive third-party apps or ordering software.

Gravity Forms’ SMS notification add-on can also help you send order notifications via text messaging to customers, which can be extremely beneficial in informing them that their order has been received and is currently being prepared.

Finally, plugins can add extra revenue-generating features to your food ordering site. These may include product add-ons that allow customers to upgrade their orders as well as checkout tipping where customers leave tips based on the level of service they received.

3. Online reviews

If you want to attract more customers to your restaurant, online reviews may help encourage more patronage. By including live chat features for quick responses to customer enquiries and by providing quick responses quickly to build trust and develop customer loyalty, online reviews can play an essential role.

Providing delivery services in close proximity to city centers allows restaurants to attract local customers. Customers can select their desired delivery time slot when placing orders; alternatively, add pickup options that allow guests to pick up orders directly from your restaurant; furthermore, establish delivery zones with separate charges per zone.

There are a variety of WordPress food ordering plugins, but some of them may not work with your website. To maximize compatibility, look for one compatible with as this will allow your current theme to remain intact while still providing online food ordering capabilities.

Orderable allows you to create your own food ordering website without incurring costly monthly fees or transaction percentages. Built using ecommerce platform for security, speed and design. Orderable is ideal for creating restaurant websites due to its vast library of plugins which ensure it can meet the changing demands of your growing business.

4. Online ordering

If you operate a restaurant or food business, offering online ordering can be an excellent way to build customer loyalty and boost revenue. By setting up an online menu on your website, customers can place orders from anywhere they choose – either pick it up themselves, or opt to have it delivered.


WP Food Manager, a free plugin designed specifically for restaurants to manage their online ordering system. You can use WP Food Manager to display items by category, add-ons and send confirmation emails for orders as well as enable payment through PayPal, Amazon Pay and cash on delivery options. Furthermore, there is also a help desk system so your customers can contact you with menu inquiries, order placement needs or any other inquiries they might have.

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