Old School RuneScape: Profitable Skilling Methods for 2024

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) has long been a game where combat has reigned supreme as the primary way to make money. However, despite the decline in profitability for many skilling methods, there are still several that remain lucrative. This article explores some of the best skilling methods in OSRS that continue to be profitable in 2024.

Humidify Spell

Humidifying Clay

One of the enduring skilling methods is using the Humidify spell to humidify clay. This method requires level 68 Magic and can yield approximately 700k OSRS GP per hour while providing about 50k Magic experience per hour. The process involves using a Steam Battlestaff and Astral runes. Although profitable, it is highly click-intensive and requires constant banking.

To optimize this method:

  • Set up bank fillers and remove the placeholder for Astral runes.
  • Enable F-keys for quick switching between your inventory and spellbook screens.
  • Withdraw an inventory of clay, cast Humidify, bank the soft clay, and repeat.

Despite the effort, this method remains a solid choice for players looking to profit while training Magic.

Cremating Yew Remains

Firemaking and Prayer Training

With recent updates to the Shades of Mort’ton minigame, cremating yew remains has become a profitable method tied to Firemaking and Prayer. This method requires level 95 Firemaking and benefits from the Morytania Hard and Elite Diaries, which provide additional experience in Firemaking and Prayer.

To maximize efficiency:

  • Obtain the Gold Coffin from the minigame to store remains.
  • Equip the coffin and carry a tinderbox and Redwood logs.
  • Burn the remains to earn Gold keys, which unlock valuable loot in the dungeon.

This method can yield over 1 million GP per hour, alongside significant Firemaking and Prayer experience.

Pickpocketing Master Farmers

Thieving for Seeds

Pickpocketing Master Farmers has been a consistent money-maker, especially since updates in 2021 aimed at combating bots. This method requires at least level 75 Thieving and 71 Farming to avoid nerfed seed drops.

Optimal setup includes:

  • Wearing the Rogue’s Outfit for double seed drops.
  • Completing the Ardougne Hard Diary for improved pickpocketing success.
  • Using Dodgy Necklaces and the Shadow Veil spell to reduce stun chances.

With these preparations, players can earn up to 800k GP per hour and 60k Thieving experience by focusing on valuable seeds like Snapdragon and Ranarr.

Blast Furnace

Smithing Profits

The Blast Furnace remains one of the best skilling money-makers for Smithing. Starting from level 15 Smithing, players can profit by smelting iron bars, with profitability increasing significantly at higher levels.

To enhance efficiency:

  • Acquire a Coal Bag to carry extra coal.
  • Use Ice Gloves to handle hot bars without needing water.
  • Reach level 60 Smithing to avoid the hourly fee paid to dwarves.

At higher levels, smelting Runite bars can yield up to 1.2 million GP per hour, making the Blast Furnace a lucrative option for smithing enthusiasts.

Tan Leather Spell

Magic Training and Profits

The Tan Leather spell from the Lunar spellbook is a highly profitable method for training Magic. Requiring level 78 Magic and the Hard Fremennik Diary, this method allows players to tan dragonhides for significant profit.

To maximize returns:

  • Use Astral and Nature runes with a Staff of Fire.
  • Withdraw and tan black dragonhide, which is usually the most profitable.

This method can yield over 1 million GP per hour while providing up to 130k Magic experience, although it is somewhat click-intensive.


Skilling Boss for Mining and Smithing

Zalcano is a skilling boss that provides profits through mining and smithing. This activity requires level 74 Mining and access to the Elven city, which is unlocked through the Song of the Elves quest.

Key points:

  • While not a significant training method, it offers decent Mining experience.
  • Players can earn up to 1.2 million GP per hour from Zalcano’s rewards.

Zalcano is a great option for players looking to combine some skilling with profitable bossing.


Profitable Across All Levels

Runecrafting remains one of the most profitable skills in OSRS. With methods like crafting double Cosmics at level 59, Blood runes in the 70s, and Wrath runes at level 95, players can earn substantial amounts of GP.

Examples of profitable methods:

  • Double Cosmic runes at level 59: Up to 700k GP per hour.
  • Blood runes through the Abyss: Up to 1.2 million GP per hour.
  • Wrath runes at level 95: Up to 2.3 million GP per hour.

Runecrafting offers a range of options, with higher levels yielding greater profits.

Hallowed Sepulchre

Agility Training and Profits

The Hallowed Sepulchre in Darkmeyer provides one of the best agility training methods while also being profitable. Accessible from level 52 Agility, it is most lucrative from level 92 onwards.

Key aspects:

  • Looting coffins and the Grand Hallowed Coffin at higher levels.
  • The Ring of Endurance is a valuable drop.

Players can earn up to 2.2 million GP per hour at higher levels, making it a top choice for agility training.

High-End Pickpocketing

Elves and Vyres

High-level pickpocketing of Elves and Vyres is among the most profitable skilling methods. Requiring level 85 Thieving, these methods become most effective at level 99.

Tips for success:

  • Use Dodgy Necklaces and the Shadow Veil spell to minimize stuns.
  • Wear the Rogue’s Outfit for double loot.
  • Complete the Ardougne Diary for better success rates.

Elves can yield up to 2.6 million GP per hour, while Vyres offer around 2.3 million GP per hour with higher Thieving experience.


While combat often takes the spotlight in OSRS, these skilling methods prove that non-combat activities can still be highly profitable. Whether you’re looking to train Magic, Firemaking, Thieving, Smithing, or Runecrafting, there are plenty of opportunities to make significant amounts of RuneScape gold while gaining valuable experience. Experiment with these methods and find the ones that best suit your playstyle and goals. Happy skilling!

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