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OKVIP is a major brand in Asia’s online media and entertainment industry, offering a wide range of products and top-tier online services across Vietnam and the continent. Missing out on this brand as a modern citizen is a significant oversight. Let’s delve into this reputable platform to understand why it stands out.

Introduction to OKVIP Alliance

Originally founded as Taipei101 in 2006, trang chủ OKVIP has evolved over nearly 18 years by forging mutually beneficial partnerships. In May 2023, Taipei101 rebranded to OKVIP, marking a significant milestone and setting a new direction for the company’s growth.

Mission and Vision of OKVIP

OKVIP aims to create a safe and engaging entertainment environment. The company has bolstered its media campaigns and invested in reputable organizations to enhance Asia’s online entertainment landscape. Additionally, OKVIP has expanded its entertainment services to better meet users’ needs.

Leading Media and Online Entertainment Activities by OKVIP

OKVIP continuously strives to build a rich entertainment world for its customers. Besides partnering with online entities, it has developed integrating AI technology and offering 5.0 digital products.

Daily Updates of the Latest News

OKVIP provides a noteworthy news channel, delivering daily updates on hot topics in life, sports, entertainment, showbiz, family, relationships, fashion, and psychology. Content is tailored to resonate with the audience and undergoes strict verification to ensure accuracy before being published.

AI Technology Integration

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) rises, OKVIP has integrated this modern technology into its system, improving customer service, optimizing costs, and automating several processes. AI applications at OKVIP include:

  • Providing training materials and information for new employees, making it easy for staff and management to access necessary information efficiently.
  • Integrating AI Chatbots into the customer service system to answer basic product and service queries. Pre-prepared scenarios enable the AI to resolve common customer questions.
  • Utilizing AI to process large datasets and offer critical insights, helping OKVIP understand the market, customers, and business opportunities better, leading to more effective development plans.
  • Generating illustrative images for marketing content, making it more dynamic.

Offering 5.0 Digital Products

The 5.0 era or the fifth industrial revolution focuses on reducing dependency on technology and machinery while enhancing human-machine interaction. OKVIP is at the forefront with products like:

  • Automated robots capable of customer service and interaction.
  • Central data hubs that analyze and interact with user queries.
  • Business planning consultancy, providing detailed and refined advice.

Sponsoring Domestic Sports Events

OKVIP regularly sponsors various domestic sports events, aiming to use its resources to empower partners and enhance their performance, thus elevating national sports to new heights. This exposure also boosts the visibility of OKVIP and its allies among fans and audiences.

Main Sponsor of SEA Games 32 Men’s Football

The 32nd SEA Games, held in Cambodia, featured 11 top teams from Southeast Asia. OKVIP is honored to sponsor this significant event, channeling resources to support and enhance the media coverage.

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Supporting the Asian Cup

OKVIP is also a principal sponsor of the Asian Cup, providing material support and consistently updating viewers with related news and events.

Sponsor for Asian Champions League and World Cup

Proud to be the main media sponsor for these prestigious events in Asia, OKVIP ensures timely updates and comprehensive coverage, allowing fans to follow the tournaments closely.

Social Initiatives and Talent Development

OKVIP’s journey is closely tied to social activities, especially nurturing dreams and young talents. Key events supported by OKVIP include:

  • Supporting Football Youth Development Funds: Annually, OKVIP donates a portion of its profits to youth football development funds, helping potential players achieve their dreams and putting Vietnam on the global sports map.
  • Funding the Muay Thai One King – Victory In Pride Event: First-time sponsor for this event in September 2023, OKVIP contributed funds and personnel, ensuring a vibrant and well-organized competition. The marketing team also helped amplify the event’s reach.
  • Sponsoring the Vietnam Drift Club: OKVIP recently agreed to sponsor this renowned club, combining racing and artistic performance. This initiative is part of a broader effort to elevate national sports. Besides financial support, OKVIP’s marketing team also promotes the event.

Professional Workforce at OKVIP

OKVIP success is due to the relentless efforts of its professional staff. If you’re curious about our team structure, here’s an overview:

  • 24/7 Customer Service: This department supports and guides members throughout their gaming journey. Staff in this role are carefully selected for their communication skills and passion, undergoing regular training to enhance their capabilities.
  • Recruitment Department: Responsible for hiring, training, evaluating, and promoting employees, the HR team ensures OKVIP remains competitive by managing and developing its human resources effectively. They seek experienced professionals to join the team, maintaining OKVIP’s market edge.

Explore more about OKVIP and its reputable services by visiting our homepage and experiencing the best in online entertainment.

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