Jet-Setting with Baby: The Ultimate Checklist of Travel Essentials for New Parents


Parenthood may not bring a stop to all your travels. Provided you take some precautions and have the necessary gear, you can continue globetrotting. Naturally, not just any old suitcase stuffed with a onesie will suffice. But once you have the gear and have made the necessary arrangements, you can keep on seeing the world. 

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The question people don’t ask themselves enough is: “Should I really bring my baby?” The answer almost always is: “Don’t worry about it.” And so we have the following must-haves.

1. Top Priority: Safety

  • Your little one’s car seat, of course, is #1. Young babies require a rear-facing seat no matter where you go, whether it’s an airplane or automobile. There are no “ifs,” no “maybes.” Choose a car seat that is right-sized for your baby. Indeed, some are rated for specific weights. Others are stated to meet a specific height or age range. You’re likely to find a good “fit” for your precious cargo.
  • Of course, a key part of the equation is knowing how to install the car seat correctly. And, sure, you’ve got the instruction manual. But… will it really help you this time? To remedy the quandary, there’s a National Child Passenger Safety Certification Program offering a training course as well as trained personnel who will show you how to properly install a car seat.
  • And then, of course, there’s the stroller… lightweight and easy to fold, very footwork-friendly. Just make sure it has a comfy seat for your baby and a good set of harnesses, because then you’re off to find a carrier with good back support and adjustable straps to hold your satisfied baby in place.

2. Diapering on the Go: Staying Fresh and Clean

 Maintaining cleanliness and a fresh feeling in your little one is essential while you are away from the house. A well-packed and well-organized diaper bag is an absolute must. Stock it up with a generous supply of fresh diapers and wipes, a nice, thick layer of diaper rash cream, and pink pre-folded disposable bags that you can use to hold messy diapers before you find a trash receptacle. Also, carry a thick, portable changing pad in case you absolutely have to change baby’s clothes and give them some fresh air. A change of baby’s clothes beyond the poop happening in the diaper is a near certainty at some point.

3. Making Sure Your Baby Gets Enough to Eat

  • Whether you’re breastfeeding or using bottles, you’ll need to make sure your baby is nourished during your travels.
  •  If you’re formula feeding, bring enough formula for the whole trip and a few extra servings in case of delays.
  •  Clean bottles are a must, so pack a small scrub brush and some travel-sized baby-safe cleanser. 
  • If you don’t feel like you can whip out your boob or bottle without drawing unwanted attention, pack a nursing cover to make things private and comfortable. And if your baby has started on solids, make sure to bring along enough baby food and spoons. 
  • In any case, you’ll want a way to keep those bottles warm; an insulated bottle bag is the way to go.

4. Comfort and Sleep: Creating a Cozy Environment

Ensuring your child is comfortable during their trip is the most valuable gift you can offer. A child who can sleep well almost anywhere will be a champion traveler. Comfort at naptime and bedtime starts with a basic safe environment. Use the same principles of good safety you use at home. This article focuses on portable sleeping gear for children under 1, but many of the principles are universal for older children too.

5. For your baby’s happiness: 

LinksPay attention to appropriate play and entertainment for your baby. Provide enough toys and books that are right for their age to help keep them content during all the times you may need them to be and some you may not, like the 10 minutes before their nap when they are beyond ready to conk out but just can’t seem to wind down. Make sure they are packed along for the trip.

For my child, I always found it helpful to spread a large burp cloth open across my lap, then cover it with a couple of his toys. He would reach in and grab a toy and play with it, and the burp cloth would keep the toys from falling on the floor. This worked well in the car, on a plane, and even just sitting in a waiting room.

More Tips for Traveling with a Baby:

  • Reserve a Bassinet Seat: When you fly, ask for a bassinet seat for your little one.
  • Travel Light: Don’t bring too much stuff! You’ll regret it.
  • Know the Airlines: Different airlines have different rules about traveling with infants.
  • Budget for Buffers: It’s best to plan for the unexpected coz even the best-planned trips can have problems.
  • Do Stopovers: Long flights with layovers can be tough on everyone, so try breaking up the journey for everyone’s mental health.


Taking a trip with an infant may be an amazing encounter, but it surely calls for a lot more consideration of planning and preparation. You need a car seat, not only for traveling but also for when you’re at your destination. Whether you’re flying or driving, a car seat is a must-pack item. It’s always a good idea to have it with you, especially if you’re going to be doing a lot of sightseeing that involves buses or taxis.

The moment you get to your destination, take a moment to install the car seat in whatever vehicle you’re going to be using. Afterward, take a deep breath and congratulate yourself. You’ve just conquered (one of) the first big trip hurdle(s).

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