Genshin The Impact Gear Combinations

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game featuring the popular gacha microtransaction system and features an open world with elemental reactions and character switching battles.

Many players begin their adventure under the Ganyu and Zhongli banners, as both offer suitable constellations to get started in their quests. Furthermore, these four-star characters serve as generalists that can fit into almost any team. You can look for genshin impact account for sale in iGV.


Yunjin is a brand-new addition to Genshin Impact. She serves as a Geo polearm who supports non-Geo characters by strengthening their attacks with Elemental Burst.

She can use either physical or magical attacks. Her ideal partner should be Yoimiya, Noelle or Childe to maximize normal attack damage.

As an alternate option, she pairs well with characters who feature strong pyro effects like Rosaria and Xiangling, who also bring their own fire. She makes for an excellent option when creating an advanced team with maximum flexibility.


Genshin Impact is an entertaining mobile game with immersive gameplay, but leveling your character takes time and effort. That’s why Genshin Accounts provide the ideal solution for those wanting to enjoy Genshin Impact without grinding.

This gear combination for Ningguang is ideal for players seeking sustained DPS play. Featuring a 5-star catalyst weapon that increases her CRIT stat, as well as providing her with an Elemental DMG Bonus on both normal and charged attacks, this gear combination guarantees long-term DPS success.

This build focuses on Ningguang’s CRIT stat and Geo damage. To maximise her effectiveness, this setup pairs her with Zhongli to protect her from physical attacks while Albedo uses her skill to deal strong elemental damage. Furthermore, it benefits from Xiangling’s Pyro resonance as well as Bennett’s attack boost.


Lynette is an assassin-type damage dealer that excels at fast, bursty playstyle. She can quickly clear out a field by using all her skills before retreating before their cooldown periods run out.

Her standard attack, Rapid Ritesword, allows her to perform multiple quick attacks in quick succession. Furthermore, she has an additional Charged Attack that consumes Stamina to unleash two rapid sword strikes at once.

Fischl can provide high electro and Anemo DMG while Bennett can serve as her flexible support, giving her an attack boost while simultaneously providing Hydro for Swirl.


Venti is one of the most beloved heroes in Genshin Impact. He is an esteemed five-Star Aero hero with amazing Elemental Skills and an eye-catching design, but not easily available: only available through event wish banners called Ballad in Goblets with only 0.6% chance that you will encounter him here.

Venti is an offbeat wine-loving bard who currently acts as the vessel of Barbatos, Anemo Archon of The Seven in Mondstadt. He enjoys roaming through the city streets singing to passersby; but without personal finances to support himself he often resorts to stealing from Dawn Winery; while his drunken ramblings often misconstrued as poetry.


Zhongli is one of the best support characters in Genshin Impact with tremendous shielding and burst capabilities, as well as decent main DPS potential if played right. He utilizes a polearm weapon with six hit normal chain attacks; charged attack consumes stamina to lunge forward while summoning stone spears towards whatever direction Zhongli faces.

As his gear combination, we advise using the four-piece Tenacity of the Millelith artifact set – increasing HP and shield strength by 20% – we suggest pairing him up with other Geo characters such as Ningguang or Arataki Itto; or use in teams which require multiple shields like Ganyu or Yoimiya teams; we’ll soon provide more information.

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