Does Hiring Assignment Writing Services in India Affect Academic Integrity? 


As an Indian student, you should be very used to the word academic integrity. As the essence of these words ensues, it means you are supposed to be writing out all your papers on your own. You can definitely ask for guidance if you need help. But you should not be letting someone else do the entire work on your behalf. 

Opting for academic writing services does not necessarily mean that you are disregarding the academic integrity of your work. It could just mean that you needed some guidance regarding the writing process or you needed someone to check what you are writing to see whether you made any mistakes or not. 

If you search through the internet, you will find numerous companies like MyAssignmentHelp, where you can hire an Nursing assignment writer. Before you choose a particular website, you need to make sure that you know what you require. You also need to have a budget in mind so that you do not end up spending a lot of money on these services. Also, read through the reviews to know what the clients who have previously worked with them have said about the quality of the work and other benefits. 

Before we discuss further whether getting online assignment help affects academic integrity or not, you need to understand why students subscribe to such services. 

Why Do Students Hire Online Assignment Help Services?

1. Heavy Workload  – There is a huge syllabus that you need to complete. Along with it, you also need to finish all of your projects and assignments.  
2. Time Crunch – You have so much work that you need to complete, but you do not have that amount of time left in your hand. 
3. Difficult Topics or concepts  – There are certain subjects or topics that you are not very confident about, or you feel that you cannot understand some of these topics. 

These are the top reasons why students in India and everywhere around the world subscribe to academic help services. 

Now, there are various kinds of these services that these online help companies offer. You can choose any of them according to what you need. They are – 

  • Assignment Writing Help – They will help you to write out your entire assignment. 
  • Dissertation Topics Help – You will be provided with a huge variety of topics from which you can select. 
  • Research Help – If you feel that you cannot find credible sources for your research, they will help you with that. 
  • Proofreading Help – They can help you by proofreading your work so that you can correct your errors before you submit your work. 
  • One-on-one Guidance – Their expert tutors will help you to understand topics that you find too complex. 

All of these services do not hamper academic integrity

What is Academic Integrity, and Why Is It So Important? 

By following academic integrity, all students promise to be respectful of and responsible toward all kinds of academic work. It shows that you have been very diligent, have worked very hard on your own, and have completed all your projects and assignments. 

There is a phrase that is used to explain the situation when you disregard academic integrity. It is known as ‘academic misconduct’ or ‘academic dishonesty’. All students everywhere around the world are expected to uphold academic integrity while they are continuing on their academic journey. 

Maintaining your academic integrity is not just related to your assignments and your projects. It also encompasses your examinations and class tests. To understand it even better, you should read about the various values of it. 

Are You Actually Compromising on Academic Integrity? 

This is a very controversial area. Some might say that taking any kind of help from online help services means that you are breaching your academic integrity. Some others may feel that you are doing academic dishonesty only when you submit the work done by someone else as yours. 

1. Receiving Guidance from Online Services – 

At times, it may happen that you need some guidance from someone apart from your teacher. With this guidance you could be getting a fresh perspective on a particular topic, which will help you in better understanding of it. Or you may be struggling with where to find good research material, which the experts may guide you with. Need help searching for an interesting topic for your essay, these services can also help you with that. None of these can be classified as academic misconduct. 

2. Using Research or Proofreading Services – 

You are a student. So, while reading through the work that you have written yourself, you may feel that it is absolutely correct and there are no mistakes in it. But, when an expert goes through it, they may find out that there are numerous grammatical errors or punctuation errors. If you subscribe to proofreading services, then that does not cause a breach of academic integrity. 

3. Getting Your Entire Assignment Done – 

This is one of the worst-case scenarios where you are breaching academic integrity. You should never get your entire work done by someone else. You can find companies who would offer you such services where they would write out the entire assignment for you. Submitting such an assignment could be like playing with fire for you. If by chance you do get caught, then either you could be penalised for what you have done, or you could also get barred from sitting in any further examinations for a specific time period. 

To Wrap It Up

Getting help from academic writing services does not always mean that you are not respecting the academic integrity of your work. If you are not letting someone else complete the entire work on your behalf and then submitting and claiming it to be yours, then it is okay. There is no problem if you ask someone for guidance regarding your assignments when you are not able to complete them on your own. But if you are letting someone complete your entire work and then passing it off as yours, then that is definitely a breach of academic integrity. 

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